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Suzuki V-STROM 1050

V-STROM 1050


It flees to the wilderness where you can explore your desires.
The sleek look, along with the latest features,
offers a sleek and comfortable ride. Endless possibilities for adventures.
The new generation V-STROM 1050 / XT will always remain your faithful companion.


SDTV is a digital fuel injection system. Each intake manifold has two separate butterfly valves, a primer that is controlled by the pilot by rotating the throttle and a secondary one, which is based on the central electronics' open-lock engine speed, gear ratio and the actual position of the primary valve. The role of the secondary butterfly valve is to adjust the ideal air volume and inlet velocity, thereby improving combustion efficiency, ensuring jerk-free acceleration, and significantly increasing torque in the low and mid speed ranges.Special roller coating. Suzuki Composite Electrochemical Material (SCEM) is Suzuki's proprietary nickel-silicon carbide surface treatment / coating process, based on racing experience.The Low RPM Assist, using the ISC mechanism, slightly raises the engine speed, just enough to reduce the risk of suffocation when starting and traveling at low speed . With this feature, the driver can feel more confident in the saddle of the engine .Suzuki Clutch Assist System - An anti-hopping clutch developed by Suzuki, which makes refinements more refined and controlled. How it works: During deceleration, in reverse gear, when the resulting RPM and torque differential would cause the rear wheel to slip, SCAS reduces the pressure between the clutch discs by allowing controlled slip.The motion tracking system, based on the built-in inertia unit (IMU) and the position of the vehicle and the speed of the front and rear wheels, allows the ABS to operate not only when the vehicle is vertical, but also when the motorcycle is falling .Equipped with an electronically controlled anti-lock braking system, it guarantees safe road handling during intense deceleration, even on slippery road surfaces. The system prevents the wheels from locking if the grip on the road surface changes suddenly or the pilot brakes excessively. Its efficient operation is thanks to the state-of-the-art control unit, which controls the speed of rotation of the wheels 50 times per revolution and adjusts the braking force to the current traction conditions.   * System performance may be affected by road conditions (eg wet, loose, uneven ground). The ABS range of a vehicle equipped with ABS may be longer than that of a model without anti-lock braking system. ABS cannot prevent wheels from slipping on a bend, please drive with caution and do not overestimate the capabilities of ABS!Suzuki's traction control system continuously monitors front and rear wheel speed, throttle grip position, crankshaft position, and gear ratio, and almost instantly reduces engine power when it senses wheel overturn. Power control is also achieved by simultaneously controlling the ignition times and the amount of air, resulting in finer traction. As a result, long-term motoring is more comfortable, stress-free and less tiring.On an average motorcycle, to start, the driver must hold down the starter button until the engine starts. Suzuki's Easy Start System allows you to press a quick button to start the engine, just as you would when starting modern car engines.Suzuki Advanced Immobilizer System (SAIS) is an electronic immobilizer system that allows the engine to be started only with the original key.Only models destined for the European market comply with the Euro 4 emission regulations.


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